Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Trip To Penang

It's a holiday this coming weekend, hubby decided to bring us to Penang. I thought my hubby won't go to North again as he was back from his business trip last week. May be he likes to have Penang hawker food?

This time I want to have a relax and enjoy trip, so we will stay at a resort and enjoy the sun and beach. I am sure my kid will like it much as he likes play sand. I think hubby can't go for hawker food unless we stay in town.

I always wanted to stay at Shangri-la hotel, but it's too expensive. May be I will go for it one day. If my gold investment rate increase, I think I can go anytime.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hong Kong Food

I had back from Hong Kong for holiday with family two weeks ago. I still missed some of the food that I tried like curry fish balls, prawn wantons and dim sum. You have to know the famous places to enjoy the delicious food in Hong Kong. Just like I went for dim sum twice at two different retaurant. Not every restaurant served good dim sum.

These are the delicious dim sum that I had in Tsim Sha Tsui. I forgot to snap a photo of "char siew pao". It's so yummy. But the food so pricey. We ended to pay about HK400 (RM200) for 4 adults and a kid.

I love this curry fish balls even it's so spicy.

Wanton with big prawn, yummy!

Most people say must try rosted goose when go to Hong Kong. I don't think it's tasty. May be this restaurant not good in making roasted goose.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Celebrate Wedding Anniversary at Josephine

We celebrated our anniversary at Josephine cafe & bistro last night. It's a new cafe and I wanted to dine here on Valentine's day, but it was fully booked that day. I'm glad that hubby suggested to come here yesterday.

The food is fine and can compare with Indulgence too, no harm to try it. The price for the food is reasonable but not for their drinks. We will come back again for their pasta, pizza and tiramisu cake one day.

Garlic, black olive & herbs bread

Wild mushroom soup

Pollo Golden Bleu

Roasted salmon with cauliflower

JOSEPHINE cafe & bistro
Shop 15, IGB Plaza, Jalan Sultan Azian Utara,
Ipoh Garden South,
31400 Ipoh Perak.
Tel : 05-5473267

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Dinner

We had a great time to celebrate Valentine's Day on last Saturday. At first I told hubby not to buy me anything, we just have a dinner, that's all. But both of us received our valentine's gifts on that day, so does my kid.

At night, we went to David's Diner restaurant for our candles light dinner. Frankily, it's not candles light dinner for us, but a noisy and fast dinner as my kid singing and talk loud while we are having meal.

It was the first time I dine here. The environment is nice and too bad that I hardly snap a photo inside, but food. It was a valentine's set dinner and costs RM79 nett. Sets are served with prawn cocktail, potato basket with fried leek. As for our main dish, we chose Sirloin and Grilled dory fish for main dish. Two fruit juice and a banana split are included in the set.

Potato Basket

Prawn cocktail

Sirloin steak and grilled dory fish

Banana split ice cream

Add : B-G-1, Ground floor, Greentown Square,
Jalan Dato Seri Ahmad Said,
30450 Ipoh Perak.
Tel : 05-2425733

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Alaska Crabs

Hubby and I had a great dinner with friends on the fifth day of Chinese New Year. It is a must to have a dinner gathering every year with his friends thought we can only meet some them up once a year.

As usual, we had our first dish as Yu Sheng. Since most are men, hubby decided ordered seafood like oysters, prawns, fish, crabs for them to enjoy.

I like to eat crabs especially the big big crab as our friend said, Alaska Crab. It is a very expensive dish, it costs RM500 for 2 different types of style. One is the above with yummy sauce, one is fried with salty egg. I forgot to snap the photo, too hungry to grab it. LOL!!!

I will bring my parents and parents in law to have such delicious dish one day. It's really expensive but we're shared out the bill of course.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Yu Sheng

We can only enjoy this dish - Yu Sheng during Chinese New Year. I quite like it but just don't want to eat the salmon. :P Afterall, I don't like raw food. Chinese must have this dish as it means an increase in abundance. Therefore, yusheng is considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor.

Today, this dish is served as an appetizer to raise 'good luck' for the new year and is usually eaten on Renri, the seventh day of the CNY. Of course I have this dish on that day with my family. Guess what, my kid also like to toss it with chopsticks. Do you know we messed up the table because the higher we toss, the greater for our fortunes.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Worst Christmas Dinner

Backdated post.

It was a family trip to A'Famosa on Christmas last year. Kids very happy whenever we, parents bring them along. My friend suggested to go to this place to celebrate Christmas. At first I disagreed to go as I will go to Hong Kong in March with family, I want to save money to go shopping in HK. But I agreed, afterall it's cheap to take a family package.

Frankily, hubby and I won't go to this place again. Once is more than enough. On christmas night, we had our dinner in one of its attraction, Cowboy Town.

Cowboy decoration

We ordered set dinner as we needed to catch up with a carnival parade show which started at 8.30pm. The food is bad and expensive. It is the worst Christmas dinner I have ever tasted. I rather eat at home.

Roast lamb

Deep grilled salmon


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quiet Food Blog

Wow, it has been more than a month I didn't update this blog. You all must be miss me, right? I accidentally deleted all my photos in my camera, so I don't have anything to update for the past few weeks. Well, I will try my best to catch up my food posts as much as I could.

I'm really busy lately though my maid was back to Indonesia, so I need to do house chores. Besides that, I'm selling CNY hampers at my father's shop. I go to the shop after I fetch my kid to school every day.

CNY is just around the corner, but I'm yet to go for CNY shopping for drinks, cookies, snacks and etc. But I did bought new clothes for my kid and myself. LOL!!! Here I wish all of you Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai............

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Tomorrow will be another new year to all of us. Here I wish all of you Happy New Year. So, where you go to celebrate it tonight? I still haven't receive any news that hubby will bring me out for countdown. My kid sure let me go unless after he goes to bed. Afterall, I feel don't like to go out and squeeze myself in a pub for the celebration.

I prefer to stay at home and celebrate it with my kid and hubby. I will buy some snacks and a sparkling juice later. I hope my kid will enjoy it.

Actually I thought of buying few Holiday frames. It's on sales and I can get the most stylish eyeglasses at Zenni Optical besides frames. There are huge selection of frames, eyeglasses, single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic)lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens at this online store. You can check it if you want too.

My kid woke up and I have to get prepare for the party at home tonight. I wonder if my friends and parents will join us.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Birthday Dinner At Sincero RiverBank

I turned 31 yesterday. Hubby brought me to have a romantic dinner at Sincero RiverBank in Sunway City Ipoh. This was the first time I came here. I like the environment and the food there is great. It's so romantic having a glass of red wine while enjoy sentimental songs with your loved ones.

We celebrated birthday with mummy in vain and her family as her hubby is same birth date with me. Too bad my kid didn't follow us as he scares to go restaurants and shops these days. I really don't know why and can't understand.

We ordered four set dinner and each set costs us RM48++. It includes soup of the day, main course, a glass of juice or house wine and dessert.

mushroom soup and carrot soup

Rosted lamb

Roasted steak

Pan fried dory fish with lemon butter sauce

Pizza without cheese (not recommended)

mousse chocolate cream (very sweet)

Sincero RiverBank
No 1 Persiaran Sunway Lagoon 1
Sunway City Ipoh

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Celebrate Christmas At Home ?

Christmas is just around the corner. I bet many people are busy decorating their house with christmas tree, so do I. I plan to go somewhere else to celebrate Christmas with my hubby and kid, but since hubby wants to buy a new car, so we better save up some money. Afterall, we just back from Bangkok last month.

I wonder if I will celebrate it at home this year? I still missed Singapore as we celebrated Christmas there last year. May be we can go for a turkey dinner too instead of travel to other place.

Of course I hope that I can enjoy turkey dinner while watching Las Vegas Shows. The chances is zero I guess. Nevermind, we can have the chance one day. Nothing is impossible in the World!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Nittaya Kai Yang

We went to this restaurant for dinner on the second day in Bangkok. Hubby thumbed up for the food, but as for me it's average. May be hubby is very hungry that time. LOL!!! Most of the dishes we ordered all fried and spicy, luckily there are some non spicy dishes for kids.

vegetable salad

Tom Yum Kung again....very spicy but delicious

Famous roast chicken

Fried fish for kids

Tom Yum Kung without santan....sourish but delicious too

Fried pork ribs

Beef with mangoes

Deep Fried Egg

I still missed their Tom Yam Kung. When can I have it again ? I feel very hungry now, how about you ?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nam Sing Restaurant

This is another seafood restaurant that my friend brought us to. It's another heavy chinese dinner especially men. We met our men and kids in Nam Sing Restaurant, Chinatown after a crazy shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall. LOL!!!

Grilled prawns

Braised sea cucumber

Fried glass noodles with prawns

Fried oyster

Sweet and sour pork ribs

Fried water spinach with garlic

I can't take much as I have my tea time in the food court while shopping. My kid ate a lot that night, may be he didn't take much during his lunch time, course mummy was not there with him.